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Common AmeriGas Fees & Terms

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Current Fees and Charges:

  • Fuel Recovery Fee - This fee, which is assessed for propane deliveries and service calls, helps to offset the significant expenses incurred by the Company in fueling its fleet of commercial motor vehicles. This fee fluctuates on a monthly basis as the Company's cost of fuel fluctuates. The fee as of the date of this Notice is $7.83. For updated fuel recovery fee information, please contact your local Company office on a monthly basis.
  • HazMat & Safety Compliance Fee - This fee, which is assessed for propane deliveries and service calls, helps to offset a portion of the costs the Company must incur to comply with federal, state and local government regulations, including, but not limited to, hazardous materials, homeland security, emergency preparedness and workplace safety. It is also used to fund, among other things, vital employee safety training and inspections, cylinder re-qualification, and environmental compliance. THE FEE IS NOT GOVERNMENT IMPOSED, NOR IS ANY PORTION OF IT PAID TO ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY. The current fee is $9.59.
  • Late Charge - This charge is assessed when a Customer does not pay his/her bill within the credit terms established and is designed to recover collection and related costs incurred by the Company. The current charge is 1½% of the average daily balance or a minimum charge of $36, whichever is greater.
  • Pump-Out/Restocking Charge - This charge defrays the cost associated with pumping out a tank that contains in excess of five percent, and returning the tank to the Company's inventory. Customers can avoid this charge by continuing service with the Company until the supply of propane in the tank is less than five percent. The current charge is 35¢ per gallon of propane that is pumped out of the tank.
  • Special Trip Charge - This charge is incurred by Customers who request immediate deliveries or non-emergency service after business hours or on weekends. This charge can vary greatly due to the distance involved and/or the time required to service this request and will be based on local labor rates which can be obtained from your local Company office.
  • Meter Service Fee - This fee is incurred by Customers who are charged for their propane based on an amount of usage as measured by the Company's meter. This fee defrays the cost of meter reading, meter maintenance and related administrative costs. The current fee is $9.99 per month.
  • Service Dispatch Charge - This charge is to cover the costs associated with dispatching a service technician to a Customer's residence or other location to perform service work on customer-owned equipment and appliances or to pick-up a Company-owned tank or cylinder. Customers should note that upon arrival at Customer's location, additional charges may be assessed depending upon the nature of the problem. The Service Dispatch Charge is $39.99 and is collected at the time the service or tank/cylinder pick-up is scheduled. This charge will not be credited toward service work performed. Please check with your local Company office regarding the availability of appliance repair service.
  • Returned Check Charge - $33.00


Customer agrees to pay all fees, rates, and charges required by the Terms and Conditions within ten days after the invoice date or on the due date, whichever is later, to the location designated by the Company. Where permitted by law, Customer agrees that the Company may send Customer an invoice instead of a delivery ticket. If Customer fails to pay any fees, rates, or charges within 25 days after the invoice or due date, the Company may, unless prohibited by law, add a monthly late charge of one and one-half percent of the average daily balance or a late charge of $36.00, whichever is greater. The Company reserves the right to require Customer to pay for propane deliveries or services in advance or to post a cash deposit, which may be applied by the Company at any time in whole or in part to the outstanding balance.

AmeriGas Programs:

  • AmeriGuard** - This is an optional program where an AmeriGas customer receives a fixed price for a fixed period of time during which the customer is placed on a convenient monthly payment plan. The current fee is $99.00 annually.
  • AmeriLock** - This is an optional program where an AmeriGas customer receives a fixed price for the term of the AmeriLock contract. The current fee is $99.00 annually.
  • LineGard** (Line Protection Plan) - This is an optional program. Under the LineGard program covered repairs are made to customer-owned lines if necessary. New applicants must sign an agreement and their lines are subject to inspection prior to enrollment in the program. The current fee is $18.95 (annually).
  • Payment Protection** - This is an optional program for residential customers enrolled in AmeriGuard or SmartPay. Applicants pay an annual fee to have AmeriGas pay the remainder of their monthly payments for the term in the event of death to the primary account holder (and joint account holder if applicable). The current fee is $39.99 for a single account and $59.99 for a joint account (annually).
  • Pre-Buy** - This is a program that enables the customer to lock-in the propane price in advance for the customer's projected winter/annual usage.
  • SmartPay Budget Plan** - This is an optional program that allows you to make convenient monthly payments based on your projected annual usage and current market price.

** Programs and fees are subject to change. Certain restrictions apply. Please contact your local office for more information.

For more information, contact the AmeriGas Location nearest you.

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