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About Propane

About Propane Propane the Safe Fuel

Propane equipment and appliances are manufactured to rigorous safety standards.

The propane industry has developed numerous methods to make the transport and use of propane safe.

Less Flammable
Propane has a narrow range of flammability when compared with other petroleum products. In order to ignite, the propane/air mix must contain from 2.2 to 9.6 percent propane vapor. If the mixture contains less than 2.2 percent gas, it is too lean to burn. If it contains more than 9.6 percent, it is too rich to burn.

Naturally safer
If liquid propane leaks, it doesn't puddle; instead vaporizing and dissipating quickly into the air.
Since propane is released from a pressured container as a vapor, it can't be ingested like gasoline or alcohol fuel.

Because propane is virtually odorless and colorless in its natural state, a commercial odorant is added so propane can be detected if it leaks from its container.

Want to know more about propane safety?
Review our Material Safety Data Sheet for important information related to the properties of propane and propane safety and visit for important information on preventing and responding to propane emergencies.